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Persiannik trading company’s attitute and policy is expansion of international trade and secure investment in free trade. So, by check out in first step this Company made in Asaluyeh and now is engaged in commercial activities.

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Frequently asked questions

The main activities of the company

The main activities of the company both inside and outside are mainly in the following parts:
• In domestic section:
Brokering the sale of some products of petrochemical complexes
Imports of Petrochemicals/Raw materials/Equipments for downstream industries & petrochemical products .
Providing logistics services in form of purchasing needed items (including pallets, Jumbo bag, etc.) for petrochemical complexes and other companies.
Providing inland transportation / Warehousing/Logistics
Import of needed Commodities and general cargoes
• In Foreign section:
Brokering the sale of some products of petrochemical complexes /oil products.
Order directly and without intermediaries of petrochemical and oil products from Iranian sources with the aim of exporting to global markets.
Providing of logistic services (shipping, storages tanks, Warehousing ,etc.) inside and outside the country.
• Other activities:
Engage in commerce of general items and basic goods in the export and import sectors.
Providing of REACH services to Applicants exports of petrochemical products to Europe market.
Providing specialized information services about Iran and world markets for petrochemical products including projects / applications / supply and etc.


With the availability of experience and resources, PERSIANNIC is geared to deliver quality in the following areas:

• Provision (supply and export) of oil and petrochemical products, metals and minerals
• Importation of commodity feedstock/products (including oil, chemical & petrochemical), specialized equipment and machineries for spare parts, catalysts
• Provision of logistics and related services including all transportations, storage facilities, warehousing near Iranian shipping ports and international outlets, and customs services
• Facilitation of specialized expert services including representation and auditing
• Provision of expert services (re feasibility study, market research & due diligence) to international companies geared to engage in investment in Iran petrochemical projects and commodity products.
Undoubtedly, the most important asset of PERSIANNIK considered as the trust and confidence gained from its international partners/clients and it is very much the cornerstone of our philosophy to cultivate and strengthen our hard-earned achievements.


Range of services and the field of activity of the company are mainly:
* Petroleum products including export and transit of crude oil, fuel oil, mazut, diesel, bitumen, and base oils
* Feeds & grains: barley, wheat, maze, soybeans, and etc.
* Ferro-metal products including galvanized sheets and rolls, oily and dry metal sheets, steel wire, galvanized wire
* A variety of fresh and frozen meat and lamb, poultry, prawn and fish
* Variety agricultural products, nuts, seeds, pistachios, and saffron
* All cement types
* Types of fibers including polyester, viscose, yarn
* Carpet and rugs; machine made and hand-made
* Hardware parts, software, and network equipments and installation
* Construction projects (Health Care, residential, commercial, hotels & hospitality) in EPC, BOT, and other contract formats
* Machinery and production lines
* Sourcing and procurement of health care & medical equipments and food industry

Small & Large Component Fabrication

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Pipe fitting Complete Piping Systems

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Frequently asked questions


PERSIANNIK is committed to growth, solidarity and excellence in the global market. Endless efforts to achieve a business relation based on cooperation and interaction with staffs and experts, suppliers and customers let us to establish a strong foundation to move toward growth and development.
The satisfaction of all stakeholders is a goal that can only be achieved with the development of stability in operations and customer service in accordance with ethical practices and international trade law.


Precise consideration of requirements and expectations of customers and also continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and providing the best customer service are moved Apadana towards its goals.
Continuous communication among APB, staffs, suppliers and customers and also continuous improvement in processes, systems, equipment and the use of human resources are our guides in the path to reach our important ideals.

Hard Facing & Corrosion Resistant Overlay

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Small & Large Component Fabrication

Our technicians are fully trained in the many fields of industrial installation, maintenance, and repair. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Other products

In addition to trade of petrochemical and petroleum products, PERSIANNIK trading Company exports metals and minerals purchased directly from producers which include copper concentrates, cement clinker, copper ingots, aluminum, zinc and steel ingots in the form of Square Bloom, Square Billet and Square Slabs.

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